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The show that is completely scripted and voiced by artificial intelligence
Roborah is the world’s first podcast that is completely generated and spoken by artificial intelligence, broadcasting since 2017.

Tune in and listen to Spencer and Jess, two artificial hosts, as they discuss current events, random trivia, and even write their own poetry and songs. 

Spencer and Jess are computer programs, and when they are run, they scour the internet for interesting stories of the day, random trivia, and then they put together and present a 4-8 minute show on depending on what they find and interpret. A whole lot of computer cognition goes on in the background to try understand things such as whether the news they present is a happy or sad story, and what might be present in the feature images of an article they see on a website (they don’t read the alt text, they instead try understand what the picture is themselves).

Each show is uniquely generated at that exact moment in time.

Roborah is powered by a custom designed artificial intelligence platform designed by Ricky Vuckovic, a creative technologist in Australia.